They are talking about us and we love it!

Thank you to Cassandra, Evie and Cee for taking the time to post comments on YELP.   Thank you too, for the trust you place in us.  We are honored that you have chosen us to provide your health care. 


Cassandra S.:  

"No one likes to go to these places.  Five stars for the people who work there, everyone I spoke to, from the front desk to the treatment   areas, was extremely kind and professional.  I left with my dignity intact and my faith in humanity renewed."


Evie S.: 

"Kristin Paulson, P.A., makes me feel comfortable and reassured during every visit."


Cee R.:

"I do not understand why this place gets such poor reviews. I had a great first experience a the medical clinic.  Dr. Pohl was kind and professional.  He really cares about the concerns of his patients.  I am definitely returning for a follow up visit."

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