Appointments Are Being Reserved for the 2011 Mobil Flu Vaccine Clinics.
Don’t Delay, Schedule For Your Employees Today!

Question:       Why provide a mobile flu vaccine clinic to your employees?
Answer:         It makes lots of cents* (As in dollars and cents saved!)

...A proven cost saver, one report states that “the flu costs employers an estimated $1 billion dollars a year due to missed work days and treatment, but on the average only one out of every 10 companies will take any action to stop it…” Protect your business from unnecessary flu season expenditure by protecting your employees from the flu.
Anyone involved with accounts payable and receivable functions knows that absenteeism deleteriously affects more than just the schedule. It’s a dollars and cents issue that can dramatically impact profit margins. Sick time, increased payroll expense and diminished production can take a devastating toll on the financial statement.
It’s easy! 
We come to you! Just call today and schedule an onsite flu vaccination clinic for your employees. Available September thru December, reservations are still being accepted at this time. You are urged to call now to secure placement on the mobile clinic calendar.
It’s affordable! The flu vaccines can be company-paid or employees may self-pay at the time of vaccination.
$20 per flu vaccine

Company funded or employee paid

To schedule a mobile clinic at your business contact:         Minnie Wynn, Program Director, at

Don’t delay. Call today.
Protect Yourself, the Ones You Love & Your Business from the FLU.

For more information about influenza and the influenza vaccine, visit or call 800-CDC-INFO(800-232-4636).

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